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Government Research for improving production in Lebanon dates back to the establishment of Tel Amara Station in the Bekaa Valley immediately after World War II as an agricultural training center.
LARI is a governmental organization under Minister of Agriculture Supervision. The institute conducts applied and basic scientific research for the development and advancement of the agricultural sector in Lebanon.
In addition, the Institute keeps close ties to the farmers and tries to develop research activities aiming at solving their problems. The LARI has at its disposal eight experimental stations.


دعوة عامة   

تجدون ربطاً جدول بالايام العلمية التي تقيمها المصلحة ابتدأ من 12/11/2018 حيث يتم عرض نتائج مشاريع الابحاث العلمية  للعام 2018 .أنقر هنا ...

لمن يهمه الامر تتوجه المصلحة بالدعوة العامة لحضور هذه الايام حسب المواضيع الهامة لكم.  




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